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Year 60
September 2022

Magazine founded by AIDI in 1962
Editor-in-chief Silvano Oldani

In this issue:


Listening and observing as cultural roots of design. The thought of Federico Peri
by Federica Capoduri

Federico Peri is a young designer, born in Venice, who has always been fascinated by objects’ shapes; after his university studies in Milan, he moved to Paris and began his professional career by becoming passionate about interior design, with an approach that straddles history and contemporary. Back in Milan, in 2011 he opened his own studio and started to collaborate with major international furniture and fashion brands, ranging from retail concept to private homes to product design. Nominated by AD France as one of the 100 best designers of the year.


The permanent exhibition of the new National Museum of Norway, Oslo
by Massimo Iarussi

The new National Museum in Oslo was established in 2003 by the merging of four existing state museums: the National Gallery of Norway, the Museum of Architecture, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.  The building, completed in 2020, is the largest museum in the Nordic region: a total area of more than 54,000 square meters, of which 10,000 for permanent exhibition, distributed in 86 rooms, and 3,000 dedicated to temporary exhibitions. The prestigious project was entrusted to an Italian team, composed by Guicciardini & Magni Architetti for the exhibition design, Studio Massimo Iarussi for the lighting design, Rovai Weber Design for the graphics and Innovision for the multimedia installations. We asked Massimo Iarussi, whom we thank, to tell the readers of LUCE the path, the dynamics, the results, and the success of this project.


Interview with Marina Vio, the Lady of light
by Francesca Cremasco

Marc Sadler, you have always worked on innovative materials and technology transfer from one project area to another. You studied in France, where you were one of the first graduates in esthétique industrielle at ENSAD in Paris, and then you chose Italy and Milan. You have won four Compasso d’Oro
awards, two of which awarded for your lamp designs.



The future of light in the age of transitions. The contents and proposals of the 20th AIDI Congress
by Laura Bellia e Mariella Di Rao

In Naples, more than 50 speakers and 200 participants took part in outlining the vision of the upcoming and first “Manifesto della luce”: themes and strategies for the lighting industry.

In LUCE 341.2022 you will find many other articles, special reports, interviews, and insights. We are always on the lookout for new suggestions and ideas to understand, explain and raise awareness of the world of Italian and international lighting. Keep reading and writing to us.


Sergio Asti, an architect, designer and intellectual

by Francesca Tagliabue


Fondazione Neri and the Italian Museum of Cast Iron

by Monica Moro


Guido Levi Lighting Lab:  young talents under the spotlight

by Marcello Filibeck



Gabriella Belli: Venice is always contemporary
by Jacqueline Ceresoli


The “illuminated” heritage of the National Library in Vienna

by Federica Capoduri



The role of design in lighting

by Laura Bellia, Andrea Calatroni



The book, Beretta Associati: architetti a Milano. 58 years of the firm’s activities

by Monica Moro


Andrea Carson. The responsible design

by Andrea Calatroni

Marco Petrucci. The musician and the magician: a metaphor of design and life

by Marco Nozza


“Research in design consists of transforming general guidelines into site-specific solutions” Interview with Elisa Rocchi

by Silvia Eleonora Longo


The importance of rewarding excellence

The 7th edition of the Venetian Smart Lighting Award

by Roberto Corradini


Life and quality of light at the centre of design

by Marco Pollice

The magical stimulus of dynamic image. Movement and revelation: the ingredients of interest

by Alberto Pasetti Bombardella

Chronobiology, a new and revolutionary science

by Marco Pirovano

Residential Circadian Lighting: myths, truths and possibilities

by Maurizio Rossi


In some cases, being invisible is beautiful

by Andrea Calatroni

Our starting point is experience

by Andrea Calatroni




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